Working it all out

Ramblings of a British woman trying to work it all out

Hi, my name is Emma, and 2019 has been quite a year for me! I became 36 years old, I quit drinking, and I embarked on a roller coaster journey of self-evaluation and trying to work it all out! It turns out that deciding to ‘go sober’ effects every single area of your life. It turns out, that after drinking pretty much every night for 18 years, when you stop, it upsets the apple cart a little……

The C-Word

So life has gone a bit mental all of a sudden… and it’s all because of this coronavirus craziness. I mean, who actually thought that one day something like this could really actually come along and turn everything upside down? I am a person who craves certainty, and predictability. I calm myself with planning andContinue reading “The C-Word”


I think it’s fair to say I’m having a bad week. I feel completely disillusioned with my life, my work, my relationship. What am I even doing? I wake up each morning and I do the things that need doing, I’m tired, I’m fed up, I feel like my husband and I are in anContinue reading “Lost”

Never again?

Will I really drink never again? I’m fine now with not drinking day-to-day. But when people at work suggest going out for a meal or for drinks I think… what’s the point? I used to love going out with my work colleagues for drinks, and to play darts after work (yes – I’ve played dartsContinue reading “Never again?”

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