Letters to myself

I saw a great post on instagram last night. It suggested that at the beginning of each year you should write 2 letters. One to the you from a year ago, and one to the universe.

The first one to ‘year-ago-me’ is to tell yourself some of the wonderful things you will achieve in the year to come. It’s a way to look back at the past year to consider all of the things you have achieved; big and small, and to think how you would have felt reading that letter – to know all of the things you will accomplish over the next 12 months.

The second one is instead of new near’s resolutions, it is a set of intentions that you will try to live by in the coming year. The theory being, I guess, that writing down your intentions you are clarifying what you want from the year ahead, setting yourself a road map to try your very best to stick to. Of course on any journey along an unknown path there may be detours, and you may get a little lost, but having that map to refer to helps you to keep coming back to your intended journey through your life.

So here goes… here are the letters I wrote myself last night:

Dear Me-of-a-Year-Ago,

In a year you will have:

  • given up drinking and become completely tee-total and be pretty much at peace with it. Most of the time.
  • lost a stone in weight entirely down to cutting out the booze!
  • sought a councillor and embarked on a journey of self discovery and self improvement working towards living a calmer life, with a focus on wellness.
  • taken out a family gym membership, and the 4 of you will be swimming regularly and loving it!
  • become committed to self care and compassion.
  • read LOADS of quit-lit, listened to podcasts, and started journalling of-sorts including setting up your very own blog!

Isn’t that amazing? You’re doing so well!!!

Love from, Future Me xoxo

Dear The Universe,

Over the next year I want to:

  • focus on health and happiness. You only get one life, let’s live it as well as we can.
  • work on my relationship with my husband. I want to have better communication and quality time together. Including regular date nights.
  • have established a blog with regular posts focusing on sobriety, struggles in midlife, navigating this complicated world concentrating on positivity. No-one want a to listen to moaning!
  • have strengthened my role at work enabling it to be a hassle-free means to an end: to fund my beautiful life.
  • continue to enjoy weekends away and time outdoors and be physically active.
  • watch lots of movies
  • survive and enjoy an extended family holiday to Florida!
  • stay sober.

Pretty please. Hugs, me xoxo

This is a photograph that I love. I took it on holiday a couple of years ago. It’s of a beautiful beach in the Caribbean. You can see my 2 beautiful daughters in it. I’d love to go back there some day… For me, the photograph encapsulates true happiness. There are of course lots and lots of other things that make me happy other than a paradise beach, and I have many many photos I’d love to share, but this is a good one to start with 🙂

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