Motivation in winter

How hard is it to stick to good intentions when it is cold and damp and grey outside? I know that I need to be active, and get outdoors in the fresh our, escape the central heating and move my body to avoid feeling grotty and lethargic. It is also the only way I have found to combat my self-diagnosed SAD syndrome!!

But it’s so difficult. One of my favourite things to do after work with the kids is go for a bike ride, but during the deepest darkest winter that’s a bit tricky as we lose the light so early on. Usually our go-to activity in the winter is swimming. I do love swimming but after 3 months of swimming 2-3 times a week the kids are understandably fed up with it.

Last night i got home from work by about 3.30 so I figured we had an hour’s window if we were going to manage a ride. Plan was to wrap up warm, grab the bikes and the cycle to the park, round the park and home by 4.30 ideally – 5 at the latest as it’s getting proper dark by then. Hustling the kids we wrapped up in our camping jumpers, body-warmers, gloves, hats and helmets!! Wrestled the bikes out of the mess that is in the garage ready to set off only to find that 3 of our 6 tyres were flat!!

This is the sort of thing that really winds me up!! I’m rushing to squash a really great activity into the day and all I get are obstacles!! Cue another rummage in the garage for the plug-in-the-car pump thing. Luckily I located this fairly quickly, found the car keys, pumped up the bike tyres, resisted the urge to simply chuck the bloody pump back in the garage in a tangle (I neatly wound up the wires and put it away properly) and then we were off!

It was wonderful. First bike ride in months and the girls and I loved it. Luckily the rain held off. I would have liked to keep going! But alas, the light was not with us. While I have thought about buying lights for the bikes – it’s really just not safe to be out with kids once it’s dark.

Yesterday I learnt that I need to remember how fabulous I’ll feel if I can get myself over the “we’re doing this” hurdle (and shoot down the kids’ whining) and just do something outdoors. Otherwise they’ll be glued to screens all evening and I’ll shrivel up into a centrally-heated SAD ball of meh.

Happily it is Saturday 🙂 Off out for a lovely long river walk today, and we can take a picnic! I’ve done some research and I fancy Eckington Wharf Circular Walk. It’s 3.5 miles which is about right I think. The kids will moan initially but they’ll love it once we get them out and they’ve each found a stick and a muddy puddle.

Picture is of Eckington Bridge… which i hope to walk over today if I can manage to convince the rest of them….!

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