The C-Word

So life has gone a bit mental all of a sudden… and it’s all because of this coronavirus craziness. I mean, who actually thought that one day something like this could really actually come along and turn everything upside down? I am a person who craves certainty, and predictability. I calm myself with planning andContinue reading “The C-Word”

Motivation in winter

How hard is it to stick to good intentions when it is cold and damp and grey outside? I know that I need to be active, and get outdoors in the fresh our, escape the central heating and move my body to avoid feeling grotty and lethargic. It is also the only way I haveContinue reading “Motivation in winter”

A question about sleep?

Back when I was drinking every night I used to fall asleep straight away. Like literally within 3 minutes of my head hitting the pillow. You know the score – in bed, fidget, pillow adjustment, check alarms are on and phone is plugged in and on silent, another wriggle then….. sleep. Since I stopped drinkingContinue reading “A question about sleep?”

Searching for joy

I often watch my kids and marvel at the pure innocent joy they regularly experience. Why can’t I experience that as easily as they do? I don’t even remember feeling that way as a child. When they laugh, usually together, it is completely beautiful. They are absolutely free, they let go and immerse themselves inContinue reading “Searching for joy”

Not enough time

I am obsessed with time; I’m definitely a clock-watcher. I cannot stand lateness and I struggle with inefficiency in situations when I deem efficiency to be required. But unfortunately this weird fixation creates an always-there low-level sense of unease, of stress and unsettledness. So, somewhat paradoxically, I crave stillness, and slowness and calm, but oftenContinue reading “Not enough time”

Reasons why

On Boxing Day 2018 I decided I’d had enough. Enough of drinking and drinking and drinking and drinking. I had loved it. Since around 2001 I had been drinking pretty much every night… wine, lager, cider. My favourite was wine. A nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc: Mud House or Villa Maria were my absolute faves.Continue reading “Reasons why”

Letters to myself

I saw a great post on instagram last night. It suggested that at the beginning of each year you should write 2 letters. One to the you from a year ago, and one to the universe. The first one to ‘year-ago-me’ is to tell yourself some of the wonderful things you will achieve in theContinue reading “Letters to myself”