Searching for joy

I often watch my kids and marvel at the pure innocent joy they regularly experience. Why can’t I experience that as easily as they do? I don’t even remember feeling that way as a child. When they laugh, usually together, it is completely beautiful. They are absolutely free, they let go and immerse themselves inContinue reading “Searching for joy”

Not enough time

I am obsessed with time; I’m definitely a clock-watcher. I cannot stand lateness and I struggle with inefficiency in situations when I deem efficiency to be required. But unfortunately this weird fixation creates an always-there low-level sense of unease, of stress and unsettledness. So, somewhat paradoxically, I crave stillness, and slowness and calm, but oftenContinue reading “Not enough time”

Reasons why

On Boxing Day 2018 I decided I’d had enough. Enough of drinking and drinking and drinking and drinking. I had loved it. Since around 2001 I had been drinking pretty much every night… wine, lager, cider. My favourite was wine. A nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc: Mud House or Villa Maria were my absolute faves.Continue reading “Reasons why”

Letters to myself

I saw a great post on instagram last night. It suggested that at the beginning of each year you should write 2 letters. One to the you from a year ago, and one to the universe. The first one to ‘year-ago-me’ is to tell yourself some of the wonderful things you will achieve in theContinue reading “Letters to myself”